Why Do I Feel Pain In My Hip And Lower Back?

Experiencing pain in any part of your body is not an enjoyable thing, but it can be especially hard to endure when the pain is coming from your lower back or hip area.

There are a variety of reasons for why it is that you are experiencing lower back or hip pain, and these are often linked to one another.

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If you experience chronic pain in your lower back area, then your hips may not be able to move to their full extent, making the joints located in your hips to become tenser. This means that when you do try to use your hips in a way they are not accustomed to it may feel painful, or ache.

Because many muscles are shared between your lower back and hip, if one muscle in the area is affected there is a high chance that surrounding muscles will also experience pain.

If you are interested in learning about the causes of this and why pain in one area can affect the other.

General Stiffness and Lower Back/Hip Pain

Many reports that stiffness accompanies pain that is felt in the hip and lower back areas. The body will stiffen up the area that is experiencing pain to protect itself from any further injury which may occur.
Some of the causes of stiffness and pain in your lower back and hip region are as follows:

A Strained Hamstring

If you injure your hamstring via a strain, then the way that your spine moves and its overall biomechanics can be altered quite drastically.
Due to a strain tightening up the muscles of the body, straining your hamstring will make the curve of your spine change and adversely affect the way that your spine aligns with your hip and lower back.

Hip Osteoarthritis

Stiffness of the hip and pain in the area can be caused by the natural degeneration of your hip joint due to age, known as osteoarthritis.

If your hip is stiff and it is somewhat painful to move about, then chances are this is what you are suffering from.

Osteoarthritis of the hip can even degrade further over time and bring adverse effects to the joints of your spine. This can bring forth more issues related to your hip and spine.

General Stiffness and Lower Back/Hip Pain

If you are experiencing pain in only one side of your hip or lower back, then you could be experiencing joint dysfunction or muscle spasms, or even have a nerve that is being compressed in that region of your body.

Just a handful of the most common causes for feeling pain on one side of your hip or lower back are as follows:

Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction

This is caused when the joint that is located between your lower spine and pelvis becomes inflamed.

This condition brings with it a few adverse effects such as feeling a stabbing pain in the lower back, hip, or buttock areas, sometimes spreading down to the backside of your thigh and stopping (usually) at the knee.

Piriformis Syndrome

You may be experiencing Piriformis Syndrome if you feel a muscle spasm deep within your buttock, which can cause moderate to severe pain in your lower back or hip region, down to the buttocks.

This pain may even reach down to the back of your high and leave you unable to sit for extended periods until the pain passes.


These are just a few of the most common reasons why you may be feeling pain in your lower back or hip areas.

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