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Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment in Florida

Genesis Wellness Clinic in Tampa, FL offers Erectile Dysfunction Treatments for men who struggle with getting an erection and/or keeping an erection during sexual intercourse.

What Causes Erectile Dysfunction?

There are many contributing factors to erectile dysfunction. The causes can be both physical and/or mental. Below are some of the most common causes:

How can Genesis Medical Clinic Help Me Overcome My ED?

At Genesis Wellness Clinic, we understand the adverse impact this can have on your confidence, relationships, and sense of self-worth. The goal of each member of our medical team is to find the right course of treatment to meet your individual needs.

Some medications commonly prescribed to treat ED can have drastic side effects and counteract many blood pressure medications. Another common issue is that these drugs usually require increased dosages as the body develops tolerance to the levels of medication you are receiving. The physicians and Genesis Wellness Clinic know that every patient’s case is unique and determining the cause of our patient’s ED is essential to prescribing the best course of treatment.

Your privacy and health are of paramount importance to Genesis Medical. Once you arrive at our offices, you will be escorted to a comfortable, private room where one of our experienced physicians will evaluate your condition.

After conducting a confidential and comprehensive medical work-up, which includes a thorough review of your medical history, a physical, blood work, and ultrasound, to determine the level of blood flow within the penis, your medical team will evaluate the best treatment options available for you.

Afterwards you will be presented with a customized course of treatment that best suits your individual needs. Our primary goal is to have you functioning at your optimal level and return you to experiencing healthy and full sexual relationships.

Return to the sexually confident and active man you were before suffering from erectile dysfunction. Contact the health care professionals at Genesis Wellness Clinic today for a private consultation.

We closely guard your privacy and place a high value on the sanctity and confidential nature of the doctor/ patient relationship. Genesis Medical strictly adheres to HIPPA privacy rules, thus ensuring your confidentiality.

Andropause – Male Menopause?

Just as women experience symptoms of menopause, men also go through a “male menopause” known as ANDROPAUSE (Irritable Male Syndrome). But unlike women whose hormone levels drop suddenly around age 50, men’s testosterone levels gradually start declining as early as age 20.

What Causes Low Testosterone?

Once men enter their thirties, their body’s level of testosterone decreases at a rate of nearly 1% per year. This normal occurrence of decreasing testosterone is referred to as “Andropause.” Additional factors that may lead to decreasing testosterone levels include obesity, some medications, chronic health issues, alcohol abuse, and stress.

Symptoms that may Indicate you are Suffering from Low Testosterone:

As a result of this gradual decline in testosterone levels, as early as mid 30’s to 50’s men can begin experiencing physical and emotional symptoms of andropause:

Treatments of Erectile Dysfunction Includes Testosterone Replacement Therapy

What is Testosterone Replacement Therapy?

Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) typically involves the administration of testosterone, either by injection or by use of testosterone skin creams or gels. Testosterone is the hormone in men responsible for the development of male reproductive tissues, sexual characteristics and function, bone and muscle mass, providing a sense of wellness and virility. It also helps promote ideal levels of sperm production and protects against bone loss and heart disease.

Does Testosterone Therapy increase risk of Cancer, Heart Disease and stroke? – NO!

Testosterone is more than just a “sex hormone.” Normal physiological levels of testosterone are essential to longevity, a feeling of well-being, and your sexual vitality!

Physiological levels of testosterone are essential to maintain your cardiovascular health, prostate health, mental clarity, and sexual vitality. Numerous medical studies have shown that there is NO association between normal physiological levels of testosterone and prostate cancer or heart disease or strokes. Actually to the contrary, prostate cancer becomes more prevalent at the time in a man’s life when testosterone levels decline.

So how did the commonly held beliefs, even widespread in the medical profession, that Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) is associated with increased risk for prostate cancer, heart disease and stroke get started and propagated? 

A Little Science

Testosterone is converted in your body to estrogens by Aromatase enzymes and to DHT in the prostate by Alpha-reductase enzymes. The association of TRT and cancer, stroke, heart disease first took hold because doctors were frequently overdosing patients and their testosterone levels peaked way above physiological levels. Men ONLY make about 5 – 10 mg daily, which averages to 50 – 70 mg a week of testosterone, but often men are prescribed creams, gels, patches or injections that result in their peak testosterone levels way above physiological levels. When injecting testosterone once every two weeks or weekly, super physiological levels of testosterone are reached within 24 hours after the testosterone injection. This peak is followed by a rapid decline to low hypogonadal levels resulting in peaks and valleys often accompanied by mood swings.

The EXCESS testosterone is then metabolized by the body by aromatase enzymes to estrogens, and in men, the activity of aromatase enzymes increases with age. Also, in the prostate the excess testosterone is converted by reductase enzymes to DHT.

Side Effects?

The “side effects” of testosterone therapy, that one often reads about, are NOT associated with bio-identical, physiological Testosterone Replacement Therapy, but rather are the SIDE EFFECTS due to the ESTROGEN and DHT metabolites of EXCESS testosterone: DHT is an extremely potent androgen and excess is associated with male pattern hair loss, prostate cell proliferation, BPH and prostate cancer. EXCESS estrogens in men are associated with gynecomastia, increase risk of stroke, increase heart attacks, arteriosclerosis, insulin resistance, BPH and prostate cancer.

So Testosterone Replacement Therapy has really gotten a “bad rap” because too many doctors are overdosing patients and the bad side effects are associated with the increased metabolites, not with Testosterone. Normal physiological levels of Testosterone are essential for good health and prevention of high cholesterol, heart disease, strokes, diabetes and cancer.

How can the Physicians of Genesis Medical Clinic Help?

Are you experiencing any of the symptoms mentioned above? If so, testosterone replacement therapy, part of our erectile dysfunction treatments, may be the remedy that restores your energy, mental acuteness, and virility. Our physicians and medical staff offer a variety of treatment options customized and formatted to meet the specific needs of each individual patient.

The friendly team of health care professionals at Genesis Wellness Clinic in Tampa, Florida specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of low testosterone. Our treatments to replace your lost testosterone can help you feel energetic, stronger, more alert, and healthy again.

Our team of experts has several diagnostic and treatment options available. Our physicians will prescribe the proper course of treatment to fit your needs and return you to your vibrant self.

How will Testosterone Replacement Therapy Affect Me?

While not all individuals react the same or respond to treatments, the vast majority of our patients experience the following:

Undergoing TRT requires regular consultation and office visits with your physician. Routine lab work and tests are essential to ensure your levels of testosterone are optimal.

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