Ketamine Therapy


Ketamine, An effective treatment for Depression, Chronic Pain, Nerve Pain, PTSD and Anxiety.

Chronic pain and depression are both leading causes of years lost to disability worldwide, as theyare typically refractory to conventional treatments. There is considerable overlap betweenchronic pain and depression in terms of co-prevalence and treatment, with many therapies typi‐cally used to treat one being effective for the other. One such treatment that intersects with bothconditions is ketamine, which has generated enormous interest among health care providers, pa‐tients and their caregivers, and patient advocacy groups. Systematic and evidence-based reviewshave found ketamine to be effective for both chronic pain and depression, and recent years havewitnessed a dramatic increase in research and publications, clinical use, and publicity as deter‐mined by Internet traffic. But because ketamine has been clinically available for almost 50 years,it has not been subject to the same scrutiny by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Benefits of Ketamine:

Efficacy of Ketamine:

The efficacy of ketamine for chronic neuropathic pain and conditions with features of neuropathic pain has been investigated in double-blind RCTs. Several of these trials found that ketamine, administered under ideal clinical conditions, was associated with significantly greater reductions in pain compared with the control condition

For example, double-blind RCTs reported that ketamine infusions were associated with significantly greater reductions in pain compared with placebo in patients with mixed chronic neuropathic pain diagnoses. The difference in pain re‐ duction between the ketamine and control groups measured during the ketamine infusions ranged from 25% to 45% in 3 studies.

Ketamine infusions administered intravenously 1 to 3 times perweek are the quickest and most effective treatment for depression. Short-course ketamine medication is established treatment both for unipolar depression and depressive episodes of bipolar affective disorder. Ketamine is suitable for initiating the treatment for treatment-resistant depression, alleviation of suicidal tendencies, and treatment of depressive patients suffering from simultaneous pain.

Our Ketamine Program.

We offer a variety of packages of Ketamine alone for depression or in combination with other modalities for chronic pain and Neuropathic pain.


Chronic/Nerve Pain:

We offer consultation for other mental health problems like bipolar, ADHD and many more. Administration:

Ketamine is given by IV infusion in a bag of IV Normal saline and infused over a 40 to 45 minutes period.It is dosed based on your body weight and medical condition.

What to Expect:

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