Urinary Incontinence


Urinary Incontinence

A Problem Nobody Wants to Talk About

It is estimated that close to 25 million Americans suffer from urinary incontinence but because many cases go unreported the numbers could be far greater the US government estimates that 55% of women over the age of 65 and 33% of all women have issues with incontinence for men the numbers are around half that of women. UI is the unintentional leaking of urine and while it sounds harmless it can cause stress anxiety and have a devastating effect on quality of life. Many with you I are afraid to leave home for fear of accident. Weaker damage muscles in the pelvic area or a common cause of UI which means that a simple laugh or sneeze might cause an embarrassing leak.

The Good News

You I can be difficult to live with but there is hope for sufferers. According to the National Association for continence 80% of those with urinary incontinence can be cured or improved with the right treatment. For millions of individuals living with you I the Tesla Max program offers a real chance at recovery.

How does the tesla max work?

Many cases of urinary incontinence caused when the pelvic floor muscles that aid and bladder control become weak and atrophied the Tesla Max directly addresses the problem by using proprietary electrical stimulation technology to produce powerful yet comfortable muscle contractions throughout the muscles of the pelvic floor during these contractions patients perform resistance exercises that work opposing muscles these simple exercises when performed during Tesla Max treatments work to strengthen the muscular sphincters that control urine flow they also help strengthen the pelvic floor muscles that give support to the sphincters and help either rethrow stay closed in addition the muscle contractions help flush out fluid buildup and improve blood flow to the tissues which aid in the repair of damaged nerves to the area.

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