Been in a Car Accident? Head Over to Genesis Wellness Clinic Immediately

Been in a Car Accident? Head Over to Genesis Medical Clinic Immediately

After your accident, it’s important you seek medical care within two weeks (14 days) even if you do not feel pain immediately after the accident. Florida law states that you are eligible for personal injury protection (PIP) if you’re injured in an auto accident. PIP covers your medical appointments, medications, and physical therapy costs, and can reimburse you the wages you lost as a result of the auto accident.

However, the PIP law was changed in 2013. With the new change, you must get “initial services and care” within 14 days of your crash if you want to receive your PIP benefits. You can either see a medical doctor, an emergency medical technician, a chiropractor, or a dentist. While you can also see any physical therapist, massage therapist, or other types of care providers within the 14 days, they don’t count towards the PIP medical practitioners’ requirement.

Florida is a no-fault state. You are required to file for compensation from your car insurance before trying to receive compensation from the other party’s insurance. But if you don’t see either a doctor, dentist, ER technician, or chiropractor within 14 days, your insurance will most likely deny your claims. You will then have to pay for the treatment of any issue arising from the accident yourself. The good news is you have four years from the date of your accident to file an auto accident lawsuit. So, before you contact and meet a lawyer, go see a medical practitioner first so you don’t lose your right to get adequately compensated.

At Genesis Wellness Clinic, we have medical doctors and chiropractors who will handle all issues arising from your accident, including whiplash, concussion, or soft tissue injury. We will get you in to see the doctor immediately – you don’t have to wait for weeks or months to see a doctor – and we will immediately conduct all tests, including x-rays. Our doctors will then determine and conduct the corrective line of treatment to nurse you back to health.

Generally, car accidents affect parts of the body differently; you can either have minor scrapes and bruises or have to deal with extremely serious conditions. As such, treatment plans differ based on the body part and severity of the injury, and the recovery time differs too. For example, your treatment plan may or may not include pain management. Pain management is more than the prescription of short-term pain medications. It involves determining the source of your pain and treating the underlying conditions, not the symptoms, to ensure you heal completely.

We also offer rehabilitative therapies and treatments that will manage your pain. They include physical therapy, MJ and vestibular rehabilitation, Anodyne therapy, hand therapy, isokinetic testing and exercise, work conditioning, among others. You will also be given a couple of exercises to try at home in order to strengthen your body parts and correct any irregularities.

At Genesis Wellness Clinic, our doctors and specialists value the importance of an interdisciplinary approach to treating car accident injuries. Call us today at (813) 549-7465 to schedule an appointment. We accept most major medical insurances like Medicare, TRICARE, PIP, and WC.

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