How Weight Loss Can Help With Pain Management

We all know that maintaining a healthy weight is important to decrease serious health ailments like heart disease, hypertension, diabetes etc. but we often overlook how maintaining a healthy weight can help us manage chronic pain. Research shows that people who are overweight usually experience more chronic joint pain as the extra weight over burden the joints, yet the doctors tend not to talk about it or present it as a pain relief strategy.

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If you are overweight and are experiencing pain in knees, hips, or spine; we suggest you have a conversation about your weight with a doctor.

Losing weight while living with pain in not easy especially since chronic pain hinders mobility, but it is possible. It takes extra planning and a little more patience. At Genesis Medical clinic we take a biopsychosocial approach to weight loss. Here are a few things we suggest.

Keep a track of what you eat

Research suggests that keeping a record of everything you put in your mouth really can help you meet your weight loss goals. If you get into a habit of writing how many calories you are consuming in a day you become more mindful of what you eat.

Make small changes

If you try to do too much at once chances are probably you will not be able to stick to a plan. Make small changes in your diet and activity e.g., substitute nuts for high sugary snacks, start going out for a 10-minute walk or drink extra glasses of water in a day.

Ask a doctor for guidance

If you would like to lose weight quickly but in a healthy way you should ask your doctor for their recommendation. Your doctor might recommend seeing a nutritionist, life coach or a medical weight loss under a physician supervision.

Genesis Medical Clinic has some effective weight loss programs that are designed to reduce your carbohydrate intake while increasing your protein, vegetable, and fruit consumption. All this is done under strict supervision of a physician. Our weight loss programs not only help you shed pounds quickly but also teaches you how to keep the extra weight off for good. To learn more about our program call us on 1-855-513-7246.

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